Senior Bonfire Party – Juliette Beucler

May 17, 2012

This will be at the beach to enjoy the sun and enjoy the first set in to the last summer of our high school life. We can have fun in the sun then relax to nice music around a bonfire while roasting marshmallows. Since the party will be at the Santa Monica Pier, we can also go shopping at the promenade.

I will use my party scholarship to buy food, plates, napkins, eating utensils, and 2012 graduates signs.

People should vote for me because I’ve never had a good party growing up. I didn’t even get to have a sweet 16 because I became blind during this time and was too focused on getting better. At age 18, time came too fast to even think about a party. I would like to have one party that I can remember and make memories with when I go to college.

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