Garden in a Teacup – Leia Pastizzo

March 22, 2012

The theme of my party will be Alice in Wonderland, and it shall be held in the garden. We will all wear Alice in Wonderland inspired clothes, drink tea, eat sugary goodness, and listen to Alice in Wonderland themed music, such as White Rabbit and Alice Underground. When it gets dark, we shall watch the movie, “Alice in Wonderland” and eat more sugar. In short, it shall be an Alice in Wonderland extravaganza.

I will use my party scholarship to purchase a copy of the movie, a copy of my Alice in Wonderland soundtrack, a teacup full of candy, streamers, and cookies, for all of my guests. I will also use some of the money to buy supplies for the costumes, shared equally among my friends.

People should vote for me because this is going to be my High School Graduation Party, and it will be the last time I will see my friends in person for a VERY long time. So, naturally, I want it to be a fun, memorable occasion, devoted to my groups common obsession. Plus, Alice in Wonderland is Totally Awesome.

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