Crashing Vegas – Carolina Jasso

January 24, 2012

Theme is Vegas baby! I will have loud music, preferably punk and metal. Food everywhere with all types of varieties! Poker games, any cards on tables and pacman and any game I can find to get people to play more and more. I want dancers like the ones in Vegas and I want people to party like it’s the end of the world. Have paparazzi all over, making everyone feel like a rockstar! Making out? I would say everyone who can find someone to kiss! We can recreate new years and find a new kissing partner! But no alcohol or drugs will be offered, bought or sold during this event. Anyone caught will be thrown out and poured lemon juice on them with pickles!

I will use my party scholarship to buy drinks, food, games! With this money I could also buy all types of part supplies, confetti, strobe lights, and go to party boy and make the best part ever!

People should vote for me because I want to win 🙂 I love to party, but most of all I like to see people having a good time. I also will not buy alcohol or drugs, promise!

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