Big A$$ Blowout – Sydney Spaulding

February 16, 2012

Dubstep, glowsticks, pizza, techno, hip hop, strobe lights, blacklights, chalk, glow in the dark, dancing, spin the bottle, & after we’ve partied out, horror movies, more pizza, late night adventures; what else could you possibly want? 😉

I will use my party scholarship to buy various glowy things, movies, & food, plus anything else random & unnecessary, yet completely necessary.

People should vote for me because it’s getting close to the end of our senior year, & I want to have a huugggeeeeee party to distract everyone from college apps, college decisions, financial aid, all that bad stuff. Plus I just love to party. So hopefully you don’t want out brains to fry & want us to have fun.

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