Party Scholarship

The current scholarship is $100 in cold hard cash (it’s a check, actually). This isn’t a college scholarship– the money is for your party. Complete the form below. I’ll post your application to the site and send you a link. To win the scholarship your friends have to vote for your party or like your party on Facebook, Twitter or Google +1. The party with the most votes or the most shared  party wins the scholarship.

The votes will be counted on December 30, 2011. After that I’ll post a new award. If you don’t win and your party has more than 10 votes I will roll you over into the next round.

It’s a cakewalk. Also, I’m not a spam site. I’m doing this for fun. It’s not fun to piss people off.

One more thing, don’t cheat.

Okay, here is the application:

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