A Day Under the Sea – Melissa Godinez

December 30, 2011

My party theme is under the sea! Everyone can wear beach-like clothing. My house will be decorated with seaweed, sand in the porch, sea animals (stickers), and more! To add to the theme, I will be serving seafood, esp. lobster and shrimp. For vegans or vegetarians, there will be salad and more for you to eat. There will be a hip-hopin’ DJ playing all sorts of music, so get your sandals ready to dance! 😉

I will use my party scholarship to buy all things that I need to serve the people. For example, plastic: cups, plates, forks, spoons, napkins, etc. I will also buy matching color balloons- like aqua, white, blue, and silver.

People should vote for me because I think my friends, family, and I need a little fun time to relieve stress and forget about any problems we encountered throughout the year. I honestly need help to fund the party because I have a parent that is disabled from work for medical reasons and we cannot afford such a big party.

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