2012 Bar-B-Que – Mainaw Vue

January 26, 2012

My party theme is a Bar-B-Que celebrating the year of 2012 before the “2012” comes. Songs can be anything, just ask the DJ and he/she will play your song. Food will be consisting of hamburgers and hotdogs with some fried chicken. Dessert is some ice-cream and cake or ice-cream cake. Couples can make out in the garage where no one will see them and there will be no corners. About half of the people will make out because they want to make love before “2012” comes.

I will use my party scholarship to buy balloons, food (pork, beef) to Bar-B-Que, hot dog, pop, plates, spoons, forks, ice-cream, cake, ice-cream cake, chips, football, baseball mitt, bat, and glove, DJ, and lastly some fried chicken.

People should vote for me because this will be the best party that you will attend before “2012” comes. Vote for me!

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